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      I’m thrilled to debut “Crashing Into Tess” with Libra Press September 2013 on Amazon. “Tess” is a Toronto Romance Writer’s Catherine Award Winner and my first full length novel. 
      When not hunched over my laptop dreaming up strong female leads in sassy dialogue with dashing male counterparts, I’m hiking and down-dogging with my 15 year old tri-color Staffordshire Terrier Clancy, my 6 year old rescue “Jackhihua” Bitsy Bean, and the smartest creature on the planet, Watson the Butterscotch Cat. Pets feature prominently in my life, and they’re always found in my novels, too. After all, a girl is only as good as the horse, pup or kitty she comes home to!

          Originally from Philadelphia, I remember the jaw-dropping wonder I first felt traveling to Colorado. It was fun to weave that into  Tess’s adventure. My sister is an equine vet, so I was able to weave a bit of what I’ve gleaned from her experience into Tess’s story.
    I enjoy reading ( der~ obviously!) riding horses, gardening, biking kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and sailing. When I’m not in the city, I’m helping restore a drafty ole’ mid-19th century inn and carriage house in the cozy lil’ town of Delaware Water Gap, PA, near the Appalachian Trail and the Delaware River National Recreation Area. 

    I’m always available for book-signings, readings and appearances, especially to benefit my reader’s favorite animal shelters and rescues. Check out my Author Event’s page to find out when I’ll be in your town or email me! I love hearing your feedback! 


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