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McGreers #1 “Crashing Into Tess”
(Tess Bamberger & Jake McGreer) 

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 “His daughter adores her, his friends want a wedding, and her parents are certain he’s up to no good!” Misadventures abound in this  Bridget Jones meets James Herriot “sweet” romantic comedy!” ~ Libra Press
“Crashing Into Tess” is a Toronto Romance Writer’s Catherine Award Winner and my first full length novel. (75k words)

Tess and Jake listen to a lot of “my” music in small town Green Junction, Colorado. To hear the station “Tess and Jake” on Pandora, click here.

McGreers #2 “Crazy On Daisy” 
(Daisy Antelerone & Hank Gallagher)
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     Daisy Antelerone has lost it all: her ranch is gone, her Momma’s gone, her truck’s busted, and she just buried her Daddy. Her sights are on the Texas Rodeo Circuit Barrel Racing title and she’ll risk whatever it takes to win. .  even a bet on bothersome boy next door Hank Gallagher. Hank’s heart’s the size of Texas, and it’s desperate for Daisy. He gambles the rance and winds up deeply troubled~ and deeply in love. Hank’s heart is Crazy On Daisy, but his brain tells him he better think twice. . .42k word novella
 McGreers # 3 “The Right Kinda Bull” 
(Lindsay Robbins & Ty McGreer)
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A busted bull calf, two lonely hearts and a determined little cat named Aggie......
Ty McGreer and Lindsay Robbins had a really hot thing going sophomore year at Texas A & M. Single, lonely and irresisitible-as-ever, Ty bumps into Lindsay Robbins eight years later. but does he still have the “Right Kinda Bull”? . . . .16k short story

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McGreers #4 “Designs On Daphne” 
(Daphne Antelerone & Rodric McGreer)
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     He’s had a crush on her since forever, but he won’t sneak a kiss!

Dyin’ to ditch Hobble Creek, Daphne Antelerone dives into a decorating job for Austin attorney Rodric McGreer. He’s Texas’ top legal talent, his mother’s a stitch, and he says yes to everything she proposes! Rodric lives life large, and his penthouse, budget and reputation are all remarkable. Daphne find herself liking everything about him, especially those suits. . . so why can’t she get him out of them?. .32 k word novella

Coming Soon: “Eva Smashing Dashing” 
       Her LA producer father is on the lam, sequestered in the tropics with her trust fund, so Lady Eva Suzette Alexandra Fleur La Vigne departs the Betty Ford clinic to her inheritance: a crumbling seaside mansion on Egypt Island. Dying for the comfort of a Grey Goose martini, Lady Eva confronts sobriety, unemployment, an abandoned cat and her biggest regret: Thaddeus Morgan, the hunky seaman she ditched for life in the fast lane.  

Coming Soon: Aria of Sylvania
Check out alter ego Christine Griffin’s Young Adult Dystopian Eco Fantasy~ I highly recommend!

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